Let us design to solve

human needs, and understand the medium with which we achieve it.

Work History


In 2015, I decided to transition into the full-time freelance world after 8 years of full time employment. It was a leap of faith to challenge myself to learn about operating a business, and working with a clientele.


In 2015, I sought a direct way to give back to my design community, and I eventually taught a course on how to use Sketch app for product design, at the General Assembly in New York.

Academia and Non-Profits

  • GroupSync


    For an HCI course at Berkeley, we designed a time-management native mobile application using the newly announced Android SDK M5, a pre 1.0 beta release from spring 2008 — applying a methodical design process through low and high fidelity prototypes, and pilot usability tests.

  • Berkeley Project


    As a founding team, we built UC Berkeley’s first and largest community service group and an online registration system that enabled thousands of student participants to volunteer at various sites across the Bay Area simultaneously biannually. The organization continues today over a decade later.

  • Open Computing Facility, UC Berkeley


    We ran a computing service at UC Berkeley that provided web hosting and services for a majority of the student groups, and designed and operated a site that provided student web hosting, email, and printing services for a physical computer lab.

  • San Francisco Young Playwrights Foundation


    I redesigned and developed the site of a friend's organization committed to developing and producing plays by young playwrights in San Francisco high schools. This also involved managing online box office sales and customer support for the annual three back-to-back shows.